Our Driving Your Life program delivers results for Cindy

Thanks so much to participant Cindy for this feedback about our recent Melbourne Driving Your Life program held on 31st July & 1st August, 2014! Cindy is a teacher, small business owner and busy mother and was looking for support to bring all the strands of her life together and develop a plan for where to next. So, with her husband egging her on and encouraging her, she took a deep breath and took two days out to invest in herself and her family’s future by coming along to our program.

Driving Your Life is a small group coaching program we’ve specially designed to help people connect with their passion and purpose, set their direction, focus on what’s really important in life/career and take action for their personal and professional success. Whether you want to set a totally new direction in your life/career or simply review where you’re at, re-focus and recharge, we can help you succeed! Our next public program will be in Melbourne on 23rd & 24th October, 2014 – book now!

cindy“Driving Your Life was all that I hoped it would be! It combined people from different circumstances of work, age, stage and family and united us as we hunted down our values, drivers and stoppers. For me, personally, I had a few real light bulb moments. I came to the realisation that I have some great ideas and it was the implementation of those ideas that I needed to work through. I have left with a clearer game plan. I have found myself thinking more about my SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) and how I can use that awareness to deal with issues and achieve. The iMap particularly worked for me and it is up on my wall as I write this.

I feel that much of what I learnt was already in me but I hadn’t known how to discover it. We were guided to discover, not told what to do and how to think. To have the time to be able to recognise my achievements and how I got there and how I felt, and to be inspired to be able to be proud and achieve new things is very important to me.

Cynth and Louise, you really were great facilitators. You guided us to work it out for ourselves, to bond as a team and to believe in ourselves.

The many messages are still resonating with me now, and I am excited about who will be driving my bus and where it will go.

You were just what I needed and I am excited about the impacts that you have had.”

We’re running another Driving Your Life in Melbourne on 23rd & 24th of October, 2014. Our early bird rate closes at the end of September so book now to avoid disappointment.

About cynthia

Cynthia Mahoney and Associates is a consulting firm that works with individuals, groups, business and government in facilitation and strategic planning. Cynthia is passionate about working with people to develop their life and leadership skills and to increase diversity and participation in decision-making in industry, government and the community. She is a strong believer in bringing people together to identify issues, exchange ideas and develop solutions that work for them, their family, their business and community. Services include: - personal development, leadership workshops and training - business planning, facilitation and business development for business and project teams - group facilitation - social media strategies and tools for industry and business - community and industry consultation and issues identification (face-to-face and virtual) - project development and writing funding applications - project management and evaluation
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