Social Media and Leadership Behaviour

“So it is that a medium which prides itself on having its members ‘join the conversation’ has rapidly turned into a modern day Colosseum.” Article by Clementine Ford about Twitter for The Drum (“Tweeting in the age of condemnation”, 25/02/13).

As an avid tweeter, I do find some apects of it disturbing. For example the twitter storms in a teacup that make an event seem meaningful when really, in the grand scheme of life, it is not worth worrying about. And of more concern the lynch mob phenomonen that reveals the sometimes nasty, violent, dark and depraved underbelly of society. I wonder if people forget that there are fellow human beings on the other end of a tweet? Would they speak to someone in person in the same way as they communicate via their tweets? Or do they just not care?

Like most things in life, I try to remember twitter is a double-edged sword and I need to choose how I want to participate and be mindful of my behaviour. There was a great quote I read the other day – “Leadership is what you do when no-one is looking” – I think the same can be applied to social media – before posting, take a breath and stop and think – if I was sitting having a conversation with another human being face-to-face, is this how I’d behave?

I want my twitter world to be informative, open, engaging, supportive, constructive, fun, challenging and useful so is this what I’m building and creating when I’m tweeting?

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