“In my experience Cynthia shows a great ability to be present and work with the people – by this I means she facilitates with empathy, understanding and connectedness. Cynthia also brings knowledge, experience and insight to her work. She is thorough and a positive and passionate team player when co-facilitating and in the nearly ten years that I have worked with her she has always shown a dedication to the process and the outcomes for the participants in the leadership programs I have managed.”

Jill Briggs, Managing Director, Rural Training Initiatives

“Cynthia is focussed, professional and thorough in every part of the process of business facilitation. She not only, provides scope for reflection but also promotes forward thinking and planning in a way that is inspiring and motivating. I look forward to the sessions that Cynthia has facilitated for me in my role as Company Director of Vintage Photobooths, with great eagerness. I recommend Cynthia whole-heartedly and would welcome the opportunity to discuss Cynthia in more detail to anyone considering business planning.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Allison Umbers-Leitao, Managing Director, Vintage Photobooths

“Cynthia facilitated the Igniting Leadership Program that I participated in with Leadership Victoria. Her ability to connect with participants and make difficult topics fun and intersting made coming back each day a pleasure. It was easy to see how Cynthia’s rich experience in both the private and public sectors makes her a leader that people can’t help but follow. I would jump at the opportunity to work with Cynthia in the future.”

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

Mike Lagastes, Senior Advisor, Corporate Communications, WorkSafe Victoria

“Macutex engaged Cynthia to conduct a series of workshops with our executive team in the latter part of 2011. The objectives of the facilitated sessions were clearly met in an engaging, relaxed and enlightening manner under Cynthia’s professional guidance. We look forward to continuing this productive relationship into the future.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Nathan Edwards, Managing Director / Owner, Macutex

“Cynthia Mahoney is someone who gives the projects she is working on incredible focus and energy. She is authentic and honest in her approach and in her relationships. Cynthia is a team player with a proven ability to deliver across a range of projects and contexts, largely due to her excellent facilitation skills, stakeholder consultation abilities, ideas generation and follow through.”

Jo Vigliaturo – Project Manager, Horticulture, Department of Primary Industries Victoria

“In my experience of working with Cynthia she showed exceptional professionalism, communication skills and personal integrity and charm. In roles ranging from fund raising to technical forums and leading international conferences, her enthusiasm and commitment shines through. I would therefore recommend Cynthia for a very wide range of positions or consultancies.”

John Petheram, Senior Research Fellow, Universities of Melbourne and James Cook

“I have worked with Cynthia Mahoney for four years and can recommend her as a very competent and professional person. She is able to lead and manage projects and consultancies and delivers high quality work on time and within budget. She is able to work effectively with organisations and individuals and develops strong and effective working relationships. In one of her most recent projects she led and managed a group of people who conducted an International market development project for an Agribusiness Industry. She provided input into the strategy, design and documentation of the project, sourced funding, managed a significant budget and managed consultants providing input to the project. She authored reports, designed communication tools and gave presentations at seminars and workshops. Cynthia is a highly competent consultant / project manger and I am pleased to able to recommend her to potential clients. I would be happy to be contacted for a more detailed recommendation.”

Bryan Balmer – Manager, Thailand, Vietnam & China, Department of Primary Industries Victoria

The following comments are from participants of a program Cynthia has facilitated for Leadership Victoria in 2011 and 2012 – a five day program for emerging leaders in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, called Igniting Leadership.

“I personally thanked Cynthia at the end of Day 4 and 5. She made the program “real” for me. She is a very genuine facilitator.”

“The program was outstanding and Cynthia was a fantastic facilitator. I don’t think people would have been as open about their experiences if Cynthia hadn’t been. Cynthia created such a supportive environment that I was able to go outside my comfort zone even though I hadn’t planned on doing so.”

“Cynthia is perfectly suited to the role of facilitator.”

“Cynthia was a great facilitator, interesting and calming.”

“I loved Cynthia’s facilitation!”

“Cynthia is great. She keeps the program moving, she is articulate and clear about where we are heading and what we need to do.”

“Cynthia’s honesty and life examples are greatly appreciated and help to demonstrate what we are learning.”

“Cynthia has created a collaborative learning environment that has at stages made me go outside my comfort zone which has helped me to gain further skills.”

“The way that Cynthia has been open about her experiences has been fantastic and really allowed myself and other participants to feel comfortable in the environment. Also the approach of putting responsibility for learning on the group allows every individual to get what they need from the program.”

“Really enjoyed Cynthia’s stories, clarity – great facilitator.”

“Fantastic, very engaging and very thoughtful.”

“Energetic and inclusive!”

“I found Cynthia very engaging and warm.”