What are your words to live by in 2015?

Buddha_WhatYou+Have+BeenAs we’re getting into the swing of 2015, I must confess I’ve been feeling a bit stuck. Usually each year I identify a theme that underpins how I want to approach the year – it usually pops out quite easily. For some reason, this year I’ve been finding it hard to identify something that feels right.

In 2011, as I started my own business, my theme was, “Being OK with uncertainty”; in 2012 I was ready for more and it was, “Stepping Up”; 2013 saw some personal circumstances with illness of people close to me requiring me to dig deep and so, “Courage” was the quality I needed to channel; and last year I took on a theme of, “Being the leader other people need you to be” which is a wonderful saying of one of the speakers at a leadership program I facilitate.

Whenever I would feel a bit wobbly about life or my ability to get through a challenge I would focus in on my theme. I found that being mindful of my theme when doubts or fears threatened to take over, provided an anchor for me and grounded me. It’s been a useful technique to provide leadership to myself and others, help me perform and be more resilient.

reflectionIn 2015, nothing was jumping out at me and I’ve been feeling a bit adrift and uncertain. Luckily I have some great people around me to talk about these challenges with. A business coach I work with suggested that I try a few words instead of one theme.

So I gave it a go and came up with this:

  • * Focus
  • * Fearless
  • * Fitness
  • * Follow through
  • * Fabulous (and fun)

It’s amazing that this slight shift in approach unblocked my mind and freed me up. There is something in these words that reflects a need for balance across all aspects of my life. I’m needing to rely on certain qualities and strengths in my business and in my personal life but I don’t want it to be all serious.

Feb 2015 newsletter imageIt’s so valuable to undertake personal reflection and its helpful to uncover some things that you haven’t consciously realised are going on but that are really getting in the way and that are holding you back. I participated in a great coaching session last week which gave me some valuable insights about why I’m feeling challenged at the moment. A bit of stress has meant that I’ve amped up some of my strengths in the last couple of years but this has meant that some of my other strengths have been turned down. So my challenge for this year is to turn up the volume again on some of the strengths I’ve been stifling. On further reflection I’ve also identified that a couple of my core values are in conflict at the moment which explains some of the internal tussles I’ve been having and my feeling of stuckness.

So now that I’ve worked that out and, having identified my 2015 “words to live by”, I feel more prepared to get right into 2015!

How about you? What do you do/have you done to prepare for the year ahead? Have you had any insights into things that are holding you back that you’d like to change in 2015? Have you set aside any personal development or reflection time – if not, what could you do and what is the next step? Are you being true to your values and, if not, how might you remedy this? What would your theme be or your words to live by?

Here’s to a totally fabulous 2015!

All the best, Cynthia

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