Who Gives a Twit About Twitter? We do! Free, one hour webinar we presented on Twitter basics….

We recently presented a free, one hour webinar called ‘Who Gives A Twit About Twitter’ for the Australasia Pacific Extension Network (APEN). To view the webinar, just click on the link below:
Who Gives A Twit About Twitter – free, one hour webinar

APEN is the leading professional association for people whose job involves facilitating change in regional communities. Its an organisation we’ve been a member of for many years, with Cynthia being a past member of the National Executive and Victorian Co-ordinator. So… we were really pleased to be invited to share our love of Twitter with its members and guests.

With 249 registrations from six different countries (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, Sri Lanka and USA) it was wonderful to have 146 people attend live and be tweeting furiously through the webinar. Fellow APEN member John James from Queensland’s Dept of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry did a fabulous job of moderating the webinar and managing the technology. The webinar was very interactive with participants able to post questions, raise their virtual hands and participate in a three different polls as well as practise their tweeting using the hashtag for the event #APENtwit.

Cynthia shared with participants the reasons they should pay attention to and embrace twitter, outlined the basic features of Twitter and also how she believed it could be invaluable for people in the business of enabling and managing change. A quick poll at the start revealed that the majority of webinar participants were twitter newbies so the content focussed more on a practical demonstration of Twitter basics such as setting up an account and profile; how to compose a tweet; what is a hashtag; how to post links; the differences between direct messages, mentions and replies; and who to follow. Participants were quick to jump on board and give tweeting a go with many embracing the #APENtwit hashtag and thus a new virtual community was born!

With so much focus on practical tips, there was not a lot of time to go through Twitter’s application to facilitation, practice change and change management. However Cynthia highlighted:
– the value of twitter chats such as #agchatoz;
– how using a hashtag for an event can create engagement with those not physically at the function and she used the recent National Farmers Federation Congress as an example #NFFCongress;
– how twitter is being used in emergency management
– the effectiveness of advocacy and lobbying with Twitter eg live exports
– creating communities and facilitaing dialogue, especially important for connecting people in isolated or geographically diverse areas, and
– Twitter’s role in citizen leadership and empowerment.

As a leadership facilitator, Cynthia is interested in the role of social media in the democratisation of leadership and the ability of social media to enable a more diverse range of voices to be heard and to play a leadership role.

She also asked people to consider if there were opportunities for them to apply Twitter in their work with communities, industry or business. Participants were urged to ensure their twitter use links in with an overall plan.

At the conclusion of the webinar, Cynthia posed a final challenge to the participants to consider – As a change management professional and key networker, what’s your/your organisation’s responsibility in understanding Twitter (and social media)?

The webinar finished off with Cynthia asking participants to use #APENtwit to tweet about one thing they would commit to doing differently as a result of participating in the webinar. Many tweets were posted and we’re hoping that more will come in as people have a play around with twitter and understand more about its application to their work.

All in all a successful event was held!

About cynthia

Cynthia Mahoney and Associates is a consulting firm that works with individuals, groups, business and government in facilitation and strategic planning. Cynthia is passionate about working with people to develop their life and leadership skills and to increase diversity and participation in decision-making in industry, government and the community. She is a strong believer in bringing people together to identify issues, exchange ideas and develop solutions that work for them, their family, their business and community. Services include: - personal development, leadership workshops and training - business planning, facilitation and business development for business and project teams - group facilitation - social media strategies and tools for industry and business - community and industry consultation and issues identification (face-to-face and virtual) - project development and writing funding applications - project management and evaluation
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