Does your team need a long haul strategy for support

What’s been highlighted for me this week is that leaders and teams (and the whole community) need to prepare for the long-haul. For me, it’s been like I thought I was going on a plane trip to a new destination, only to now realise that I am actually on a long sea voyage.

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Keep, start, stop

I’ve been using a simple tool of Keep, Start and Stop to help leaders and teams reflect, review and re-think the way they work and to plan for post-lockdown

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How to be a master of gratitude

Today as we all feel challenged in different ways, with many of our teams fractured and people working physically alone, as a leader how can you be a master of gratitude and trust?

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Where is your mindset at?

Where is your mindset at? The feedback I’m hearing from clients and those in my networks is that many of us are switching between four mindsets at the moment: Panic, Paralysis, Patient, Pivot/Productive.

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How emotional intelligence builds leaders who thrive

Emotional Intelligence is a key group of competencies that leaders need to add to be effective in their role. Imagine how much more effective you could be as a leader armed with the ability to manage your own emotions whilst also being able to manage the emotional needs of others?

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Emotionally Intelligent Leader
Cynthia Mahoney

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