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Take on Board Podcast interview with Cynthia Mahoney

The Future Of Leadership on ABC News Wimmera

by Cynthia Mahoney | ABC News Wimmera

Take on Board Podcast interview with Cynthia Mahoney

Take on Board Podcast with Helga Svensen

Episode 163: Cynthia Mahoney on mapping emotional intelligence in the boardroom

Cynthia Mahoney talks to us about Emotional Capital Reports and how they might be of value in the boardroom. Cynthia was previously on the boards of Australasia-Pacific Extension Network, and Northeast Rural Financial Counselling Service.

Growing Agri People podcast

Growing Agri People Podcast with Sally Murfet

In this episode, we chat about Cynthia’s personal journey of self-discovery from an agricultural science graduate to highly regarded coach and facilitator. This lived experience enables her to help people, teams and organisations make positive change and achieve professional and personal success with healthy dose of empathy.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Cynthia takes on some heavy topics like personal disruption, neuroscience, positive psychology, emotional courage, and well-being and distils it in a way that’s easy to digest in a rapidly changing environment.

Fire Up Coaching Podcast

Fire Up Coaching Podcast

Season 1, Episode 2: Wellbeing and resilience in a time of need.

Listen in as we chat with one of our great FIRE UP Graduates Cynthia Maloney and the amazing work she is doing supporting rural leaders to thrive through coaching and her new book Cultivate – How Neuroscience and Well-being Support Rural Leaders to Thrive.  We discuss the importance of well-being in the current climate and what it takes to step up and survive as a leader when times are tough. An episode that is a timely reminder on building resilience and how to be at your best as a leader.  

Future Health Podcast

Future Health Podcast

Series 2, Episode 3: The Future of Leadership with Cynthia Mahoney

In this episode Cynthia discuss how teams and leaders can help to cultivate high performing environments and what we can take from the pandemic into the future to support the future of leadership.