Raelene Hall



Raelene Hall

Owner of KMK Publishing – East Gascoyne WA


Raelene Hall


In this episode of Well-Being Wednesday, we welcome Raelene Hall – the owner of KMK Publishing who is passionate about rural education, mental health, and communication.

Raelene Hall lives on a cattle station in the East Gascoyne region of WA, 1000km NE of Perth.
She and her husband have three children, two sons who work on the property and a daughter who is an accountant in Perth.

Passionate about rural education, mental health, and communication, Raelene taught her children on School of the Air for 20 years and was instrumental in the campaign to save the WA Schools of the Air from closure by the Labor Government in 2017/18.

She is currently the voluntary editor of the ICPA (Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association of Aust) Pedals magazine, which she also publishes under her small business name of KMK Publishing.

Writing has been part of Raelene’s life forever and she has written articles for newspapers and magazines across the globe, as well as self-publishing her own book in 2007. Currently, she writes a weekly column for the Midwest Times newspaper distributed in the Midwest region of WA.

Raelene’s top three well-being tips:

  1. Be yourself. We are all unique and we all have something to offer, regardless of whether we believe it or not. Being kind to yourself is so important.
  2. Instead of looking at the mirror and seeing yourself through your own eyes, look at your mirror and think, what do other people see? And if that doesn’t work, put your lipstick on and then cover the mirror up!
  3. It’s never too late to start looking after yourself.


Isolated Children’s Parents Association of Australia website


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