Louise Scott



Louise Scott

Emergency Management Professional – Emu Creek VIC


Louise Scott


In this episode our guest Louise Scott joins us. Louise has an extensive background in both agricultural and emergency disaster relief and will be sharing what she has learnt from the most complex and challenging situations she has encountered so far.

Louise has a background in both agriculture and emergency management and is passionate about improving resilience within communities with a particular interest in wellbeing. She is a graduate of the Loddon Murray Community Leadership Program, and her community project was around raising awareness of the wellbeing impacts of working and volunteering in Emergency Management (with an extra focus on disaster recovery). She thinks it is critical that we share our lessons learnt (both positive and negative).

She has training in Psychological First Aid, Family Violence after Natural Disasters, Peer Support and is an advocate for Diversity and Inclusion. She has operational, incident management team and recovery (including after Black Saturday) experience in emergency management spanning over more than two decades, in many hazards – fire, flood, animal health and welfare, rural industry downturn – to name a few.

Some of her major insights and learnings came from her experience managing a complex fire recovery, which involved a great deal of collective trauma. The recovery was complex, confronting and challenging, but has resulted in tremendous personal growth.

Louise’s top well-being tips:

  1. Bricks – Layering one thing on top of another can be detrimental to our well-being. Be mindful of what’s piling up and try to take some of the pressure off. One extra brick is usually the straw that breaks the camel’s back.
  2. Legacy – Consider what is your legacy going to be? Identify your values and do what you can to stick to the right path.
  3. Network analysis – Who’s in your network and who is missing? Look for sanity keepers, listeners, truth tellers and encouragers. 




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Cynthia is a facilitator, coach, mentor, speaker and author with a passion for personal disruption, neuroscience, positive psychology, courageous conversations, human performance and well-being. Her mantra (taken from the latest neuroscience research) is that “Happier people are higher performing,” and she strives to help leaders and teams achieve this in the workplace

Cynthia is passionate about working with people to develop their life and leadership skills and to increase diversity and participation in decision-making in industry, government and the community. She’s a strong believer in bringing people together to identify issues, exchange ideas and develop solutions that work for them, their business or organisation, their family and community.

Louise Thompson

Louise Thomson

Louise Thomson is a confident, courageous, and enthusiastic women who contributes her experience and wisdom to those who aspire to be better leaders. With three decades in leadership positions within corporate Australia, NFPs, and her own Leadership Development Practice, Louise has experienced most situations faced by leaders.

She was once described as an outstanding ‘blank canvas’ facilitator; enabling groups to learn from each other while providing dedicated support and expertise in leadership development. Louise also mentors’ future business leaders, hosts several leadership programs and enjoys the larger audience to present her ideas about how to make leadership easy.

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